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Brian Budd

Senior Solutions Engineer - Contact Centres | Twilio

Brian is a Senior Solutions Engineer for Twilio’s contact center products based in London. He has been working in IVR and contact centers for over 30 years with a passion for providing solutions that work optimally for all users; be they customers, agents or other contact center professionals. Prior to joining Twilio, Brian held various design, development, pre-sales and post-sales consulting roles, and most recently lead the global IVR Engineering organisation for a major UK retail bank.

Brian's Sessions


Available to start watching on September 29

Usability Testing for your Conversational IVR

Technology’s great, but only if your customers can use it to achieve their goals successfully. With the ability to move forward from traditional IVR and build multi-channel capable automated assistants with reduced development effort, making sure your customers can use the new service is key to successful adoption. Usability testing allows you to validate designs early in the delivery process and also to gauge customer reactions to changes you make to services they are familiar with and have been using for a long time. Help your customers to love your new conversational IVR by joining this session to learn how to run usability tests cost effectively and at scale with the Twilio platform.

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