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Ana Andres

Principal Solutions Architect | Twilio

With a Masters in Engineering and PhD in Computer Science, Dr Ana Andres has built upon her education with experience in the Telecommunications and Consulting industries, giving her a unique perspective into transformational technology within traditional and disruptive companies. She is passionate to share her knowledge and experience with Twilio’s customers to innovate their tech in order to achieve the highest levels of engagement with their own customers.

Ana's Sessions

October 1
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SIGNAL All-Access
Superclass: Choose your own adventure for Developers - Day 2

Superclass is back for day two! We’ll start with a quick recap of day one, then dive right into a new line up of developer-focused content, designed to level-up your Twilio skills. We’ll cover CI and CD for Twilio Projects, building custom contact centers with Twilio Flex, and Twilio Conversations API (a must-know for today’s app developers). Twilio’s Developer Education team will be answering YOUR questions live along the way, and providing you with plenty of hands-on resources so you can explore Twilio APIs further. We’ll also feature a demo from sponsor, xMatters. We’ll round out the day by inviting our special guest, the accomplished scientist, activist, and bow tie enthusiast Bill Nye, to speak with us and answer questions from the community!

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