Pranav Deshpande

TwilioProduct Marketing Manager

Pranav Deshpande leads Product Marketing for Messaging products at Twilio. Previously he was a Solutions Engineer, helping customers design and implement solutions powered by Twilio APIs. He has a Masters in Engineering Management from Duke and a Bachelors in Technology from COEP in India.

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Twilio Products 101

October 17, 1:15pm PT, Bishop Room

What Can You Do With Programmable Messaging

Sending a text from your app is a relatively trivial task these days. Integrating messaging as part of a business workflow, however, is a different story. For this session, we’ve benchmarked how Twilio customers have architected their messaging applications. We’ve used that data to build out live demos so you can see how to: deliver time-sensitive notifications, segment your notifications, use different messaging channels, handle replies, and extract intelligence