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Nick Vlku

Director of Engineering; Phone Numbers | Twilio

Nick Vlku is the Director of Engineering of Phone Numbers at Twilio. During his four years at Twilio he has worn many hats from principal engineer of data to the head of Growth Engineering. He's had previous stints at his own startup, Ticketmaster and Goldman Sachs.

He loves enabling organizations to take apart large complicated problems and come together for a solution.

Originally from Brooklyn, he escaped to warm and sunny Oakland 10 years ago and feels like he has finally assimilated to the west coast life.

Nick's Sessions

October 1
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SIGNAL Explorer
Navigating the World's Complex Legal Landscape with Twilio

Join our Head of Product and Director of Software Engineering for a look into Phone Number regulatory compliance: why regulations are so important, and how Twilio helps developers and enterprises seamlessly and intelligently manage compliance. We'll share exciting updates on the APIs and experiences that we've recently launched, and how they will help you provision the perfect numbers across the world while meeting regulatory requirements.

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