Desiree Motamedi

FacebookHead of Developer Marketing

Desiree Motamedi has almost two decades of experience building and executing successful go-to-market strategies. As head of Developer Product Marketing at Facebook, she manages marketing to the developer ecosystem – through superior inbound, outbound, strategy and content. Her efforts are focused on getting developers excited about Facebook’s global reach and innovation, with measurable results. She leads a growing team that drives the conversation around emerging technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, Building 8, and open source initiatives, on a global scale. Prior to joining Facebook, Desiree was Product Marketing Lead for Mobile Apps at Google. There she was responsible for rolling thunder marketing strategy for mobile app developers and built a vibrant developer ecosystem around the Mobile App Ads Platform, which includes AdMob, AdWords, and Google Analytics. She formed the cross-functional team comprised of various stakeholders touching mobile apps, and created a cohesive narrative for mobile apps across Google.

A graduate of University of California, Santa Cruz, Desiree started her career in Silicon Valley with Adobe, where she spent over 7 years as Group Product Marketing Manager. She oversaw several product launches including the Adobe Flash Media Server family of products and repackaging of Creative Suite. Desiree’s strength lies in her ability to orchestrate the efforts of multiple groups and coordinate with counterparts across teams from product marketing to PR to finance. She brings her technical knowledge, communication skills, and boundless energy into all her endeavors.

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