Peter Tan

TwilioProduct Manager

Peter joined Twilio in mid-2013 and as a Sales Engineer, spent countless hours in the field with customers helping them figure out the best ways to utilize Twilio's APIs. Now, as a Product Manager, Peter is building the next generation of APIs, making it easier than ever for businesses to embed communications. In his spare time, Peter enjoys surfing the cold waters of the Pacific.

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Twilio Products 101

October 17, 1:15pm PT, Bishop Room

What Can You Do With Programmable Messaging

Sending a text from your app is a relatively trivial task these days. Integrating messaging as part of a business workflow, however, is a different story. For this session, we’ve benchmarked how Twilio customers have architected their messaging applications. We’ve used that data to build out live demos so you can see how to: deliver time-sensitive notifications, segment your notifications, use different messaging channels, handle replies, and extract intelligence