Court Swenson

PresidioTechnology Manager

Court Swenson has spent the previous 18 years working with Internet communications technologies, with a primary focus on IP based customer engagement solutions.  Having worked with various companies from all major industries, he brings a wealth of knowledge about business and technical strategies to address a business’ customer engagement initiatives.

As Technology Manager for Software Development within Presidio’s National Contact Center Practice, Court is focused on Presidio’s strategic vision for cloud based customer engagement offerings.

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Contact Center

October 17, 5:15pm PT, Maeve Room

Strategies for Migrating an Existing Contact Center to Twilio Flex

Migrating from an existing solution, whether on-premises or SaaS, to Twilio Flex can be difficult to cutover all at once. For many companies, a gradual migration may be preferable. We’ll cover how to approach incremental migration off of an existing contact center platform, with a deeper dive on how to do so with Cisco UCCE.