Anwaya Aras

UberSoftware Engineer

Anwaya is Software Engineer at Uber and has worked with the Risk team and the Communications Platform teams at Uber. Currently, she manages the backend services at Uber that deal with phone number anonymization, VoIP and in-app communication. She graduated from UC-San Diego with a Masters degree in Computer Science and her interests lie in varied fields from building robust scalable software to smart AI systems.

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Twilio for Experts

October 18, 5:15pm PT, AIDA Room

Setting the World in Motion with In-App Calls

Seamless voice communication between drivers, couriers, and passengers is vital for Uber's business. Uber's customers and driver partners contact each other in over 600 cities across more than 50 countries. In this talk, Gagan and Anwaya will talk about how Uber is developing in-app voice calls to make communications easier and safer for its customers while complying with the disparate telecom regulations all over the world.