Jeff Ahmet

T-MobilePrincipal Engineer

A wireless communications architect with over 10 years of experience, Jeff joined the Technology Development and Strategy team at the Uncarrier in 2015. Since then he has enjoyed disrupting the wireless industry and pioneering new technologies like NB-IoT and 5G in the mobile communications space.

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All Things Connected - The IoT Track

October 18, 3:00pm PT, Eve Room

Enabling Massive IoT through Narrowband

IoT is expected to drive billions of connected devices over the next few years. Baliji and Jeff will discuss how cellular network technologies will be bring seamless and secure connectivity of these devices. T-Mobile is bringing the advances in cellular technologies to developers through a partnership with Twilio to drive experimentation and innovation. Balaji and Jeff will discuss Narrowband IoT, and highlight key benefits of the technology to deliver wide deployment of consumer and industrial solutions, and how the developer community can leverage the platform.