Freddy Martinez

Lucy Parsons LabsDirector

Freddy Martinez is an activist and security engineer. As former Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow, he worked on protecting the First Amendment at the Freedom of the Press Foudation. He is the Director of the Lucy Parsons Labs, a police accountability non-profit. A long-time Chicagoan, his focus for the future includes issues around privacy, working with marginalized communities and the intersection of digital rights and activism.

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Building in the Twilio Ecosystem

October 17, 2:15pm PT, B.R.A.I.N. Room

Digital Ethics and Privacy: Moving Beyond Compliance

The European Data Protection Supervisor said, “Ethics comes on top of data protection law implementation.” As privacy-related scandals involving technology companies have been grabbing headlines, join us for a discussion of moving data protection from a compliance obligation to an ethical one.