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Abel Quintero

UX/UI Engineer | Ivy.ai

Abel Quintero is Head of Product at MilkRun, where he works on product research, strategy, frontend engineering, and UX/UI design. With a background in Cognitive Science, he loves the cross-disciplinary nature of technology, in addition to the social impact MilkRun makes on the local food community and the environment.

Outside of work, he is a busy community organizer, leading the Portland chapters of Techqueria and Out in Tech, as well as serving on the board of Q Center, the Pacific Northwest’s largest LGBTQ+ community center. He is also a musician and avid outdoor adventurer.

Abel's Sessions


Available to start watching on September 29

Intersectionality in Tech: How to Create a More Equitable Industry

What makes an equitable and inclusive workplace? What can companies do beyond surface-level diversity initiatives? This work begins with centering intersectionality - acknowledging the many intersections of race, sex, gender, class, age, and all of our unique identifiers that shape our experiences. In this session, we will define intersectionality and learn how to apply it to the workplace.

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Diversity in Tech
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