Clément Sauvage


MadeByClemFounder & CEO

Clément is a French software engineer and entrepreneur born and raised in Northern France. He started programming at 10 and created his first company aged of 16. Involved in iOS & Web development for more than a decade, he founded 4 companies, some were sold, some failed. He’s now searching his next adventure after being for the past 3 years cofounder & CTO @ Les Tontons Livreurs.

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October 17, 2:15pm PT, AIDA Room

Building Bots with Twilio Studio

If you think of a chatbot as a collection of messages and responses, it can be daunting. But with Studio, it can just flow. I’ll walk through my first time to use Twilio Studio to build a payment taking chatbot from scratch to give you an overview of how easy Twilio Studio projects can be.