Designing Multiparty Call Flows with Twilio Conference

Are you familiar with simple Twilio call flows and looking to implement more complex flows like hold, monitor, and warm transfer? In this talk we will introduce the new features we designed to streamline these call flows and walk through how to implement them. You'll also learn the business cases that you can unlock with each capabilities. You'll go home with both the concepts and code you need to add these features to your application in record time.

Andrew Jordan
Product Manager, Voice Services

Andrew Jordan is a Product Manager on Twilio's Voice Services team. He focuses on Twilio’s core voice infrastructure and conferencing. Prior to joining the product team he spent three years working alongside Twilio's customers in the US and UK to design and implement hundreds of Twilio applications. In his spare time he tries to teach his Amazon Echo new tricks.

Ameya Lokare
Senior Software Engineer

Ameya Lokare is a Senior Software Engineer on the Voice Services team. Over the past couple of years, he has been involved in building the new generation conferencing system at Twilio. Lately, he is focused on improving reliability and scalability of Twilio's realtime communication systems. Ameya holds a MS in Computer Science from UC Irvine.