SMS, Simplicity & Impact at Scale: Levelling the Educational Playing Field

Remind sends millions of SMS messages per day, between tens of millions of teachers, parents and students. Not only is SMS a core part of our product experience, it is what enables us to reach across social & economic barriers to help improve education for everyone involved. We'll explain how Remind uses SMS, how the SMS experience has driven and improved our overall product, and deep dive into some of the technical systems we've built to implement this hybrid SMS/rich application at scale.

David Lyons
Full Stack Engineer

Dave Lyons is a Full Stack Engineer at Remind. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, he co-founded Geddit, an education focused company and graduate of the 2013 cohort of the Imagine K12 accelerator. Prior to that he worked down under for PlayUp as their Ruby Platform team lead, and HannanIT as a ruby "swiss army knife". In between he drove from London to Mongolia in a 1.2L Nissan tin can.