How to Build AWS Self-Service Through Delegated Identity Management

How do growing companies empower developers to utilize AWS services safely and securely without being dependent on infrastructure teams? Learn how we created a self-service model to relieve friction and dependencies between dev and ops teams through a combination of federated identify management and role-based access control.

Dom DeGuzman
Infrastructure Engineer

Dominique DeGuzman is an Infrastructure Engineer at Twilio focusing on realm management and security. A community and self-taught software engineer, she moved from support and system admin to software and tools development. Dom is one of the founding members of Twilio's diversity and inclusion initiative, spending her non-engineering time advocating for inclusivity in tech.

Geoff Caton
Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Geoff Caton is a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer at Twilio. He has built tools and services to keep Twilio's developers happy and self-sufficient since 2013. He relocated from Boston to become Twilio's token Linux user and IPython zealot. Trained as a mechanical engineer, Geoff has previously appeared in Godspell, A Chorus Line, and Pippin.