General Session Day 1

Jeff Lawson, Seamus Kraft, Aaron Ogle, Chip Hull, Frederick Lara, Christine Roberts, Rahma Javed, Sameer Dholakia, Al Cook, Jen Aprahamian, Chris Wilson, Ken Natoli, John Collison, Kris Gutta, Nico Acosta

General Session Day 2

Jeff Lawson, Erin Reilly, Alicia Nieves, Chetan Chaudhary, Evan Cummack, Rony Abovitz, Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy, Tony Hawk, OK Go

Fighting the Talent War to Achieve Digital Transformation Goals

Doug Landis, Andrea Barrett, Desiree Motamedi

Scaling the Customer Center Alongside the Business

Victoria Mesa Alcorta, Juan Andres Laura, Federico Mete

Twilio Flex at GA, Product Roadmap, and Q&A

Al Cook, Jaime Gilliam-Swartz

Three Approaches for Integrating Your CRM into Twilio Flex

Chris Jenkins, Abhijit Mehta, Grace Miller, Anthony Uliano

Strategies for Migrating an Existing Contact Center to Twilio Flex

Patrick Kolencherry, Mladen Milanovic, Court Swenson

AI for the Customer Interaction Lifecycle

Fabio Cardenas, Adam Champy, Chris Kendall

Building bots with Twilio Studio

Clément Sauvage, Tristan Sokol, Serena Wales

How GRUBHUB enabled Anonymous Communications with the Proxy API

Elisa Bellagamba, Akhil Karanth, Samuel Raghunath

How we built the Twilio API for WhatsApp

Rahma Javed, Anne Byrne, Julie Laver, Brett Meyer, Aimee Ruddy

What you can do with Programmable Video

Justin Pirie, Kedar Toraskar

What's next for Twilio Video

Luis Lopez, Justin Pirie, Kedar Toraskar

Leaders Panel: Using Voice as a Channel for Customer Engagement

Eugene Kovnatsky, William Syms, Jeroen Visser

2FA Implementation Best Practices

Josh Staples, Lucas Vidal

Practical Cryptography

Kelley Robinson

Lessons Learned from 1,000 Bots

Chloe Condon, Bear Douglas

Enabling Massive IoT through Narrowband

Jeff Ahmet, Balaji Sridharan

What Trust means to Twilio

Garrett Held, Arianna Willett

Twilio for Marketing

Nupur Bhade, Ankita Bhosle

Ethical Implications of Growing Technology Takeover

Jeff Lawson, Anil Dash, Megan Rose Dickey