Front End Foundations

October 17, 3:15pm PT, C3PO Room

How Javascript Got Its Groove Back: New Features of Javascript and Why You'll Want to Use Them

Javascript is notorious for having "warts" that make it difficult to write and even harder to maintain. In this talk, we'll discuss the upgrades to Javascript's browser APIs and syntax, the problems that they're trying to solve, and why they make your Javascript an interesting challenge instead of a chore.

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Ricky Holtz

Sales Engineer

Ricky is a Sales Engineer at Twilio, where he focuses on helping his customers architect and scale their communications. Before coming to Twilio, he studied Information Management and Systems at UC Berkeley and worked at various companies doing work as a software engineer and product designer. In his spare time, he teaches Intro to Software Engineering classes at Berkeley City College and, in an effort to maximize his nerd quotient, plays the french horn in casual ensembles around the Bay Area.

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