Special Afternoon Keynote

October 18, 1:00pm PT, Eve Room

Ethical Implications of Growing Technology Takeover

Join Anil Dash and Jeff Lawson for a thoughtful discussion about the ethical implications of technology in today’s society and what that means for our future, moderated by TechCrunch’s Megan Rose Dickey. How have social media and artificial intelligence changed the way we think about the impact of technology and what responsibility do developers and companies have to contain the issues?

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Anil Dash

Entrepreneur, Activist, Writer

Anil Dash is an entrepreneur, activist and writer recognized as one of the most prominent voices advocating for a more humane, inclusive and ethical technology industry. He is the CEO of Glitch, the friendly community where millions of creators collaborate on making and discovering apps, bots, art, and anything else they can imagine. Dash was an advisor to the Obama White House’s Office of Digital Strategy, and today advises major startups and non-profits including Medium, DonorsChoose and Project Include. He also serves as a board member for companies like Stack Overflow, the world’s largest community for computer programmers, and non-profits like the Data & Society Research Institute, which examines the impact of tech on society and culture, and the Lower East Side Girls Club, which serves girls and families in need in New York City. Described as a “blogging pioneer” by the New Yorker, Dash has a unique presence on social media, where he’s been maintaining his Webby-recognized personal website since 1999, with citations in sources ranging from the New York Times to the BBC to TMZ to hundreds of academic papers. As a writer and artist, Dash has been a contributing editor and monthly columnist for Wired, has had his works exhibited in the New Museum of Contemporary Art, and collaborated with Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda on one of the most popular Spotify playlists of 2018. In 2013, Time named @anildash one of the best accounts on Twitter, and he is the only person ever retweeted by both Bill Gates and Prince, a succinct summarization of Dash’s interests. Dash has addressed events ranging from the Aspen Ideas Festival to SXSW, lectured at universities ranging from Harvard to NYU to Berkeley, made TV appearances on MSNBC and CNN, and guested on dozens of high-profile podcasts. Dash is based in New York City, where he lives with his wife Alaina Browne and their son Malcolm. Dash has never played a round of golf, drank a cup of coffee, or graduated from college.

Megan Rose Dickey

Senior Reporter

Megan Rose Dickey is a senior reporter at TechCrunch focused on diversity, inclusion and social justice. She also covers the on-demand economy, artificial intelligence and transportation. She previously spent two years at Business Insider covering tech startups focused on the shared economy, IoT and music industry. She graduated from the University of Southern California in 2011 with a degree in Broadcast and Digital Journalism.

Jeff Lawson


Co-founder and CEO

Jeff Lawson is a serial inventor with 15+ years of entrepreneurial and product experience. Prior to co-founding Twilio, he was Founder & CTO of NineStar, Founding CTO of Stubhub.com, Founder of Versity, and one of the original product managers for Amazon Web Services. He started his first company in middle school, and earned his BS in Computer Science & Film/Video from University of Michigan.

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