Too Long; Didn’t Read — How to Build a News Summarizer with Twilio Autopilot
With so much content everywhere, we don’t always have time to read it all. Natural Language Processing and Twilio Autopilot can help! Let's create a bot that can take in a URL for an article and respond with a quick text summary. You will learn about the basics of Natural Language Processing, how to create a text summarizer in Python, and how to connect this summarizer with Autopilot for a complete app experience. TL;DR - We're going to build something awesome!
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Taylor Facen

MIT Leaders for Global Operations Fellow at MIT

Taylor is currently pursuing her interests in tech, data, and business as an MBA and MS in Engineering student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After learning how to code through online courses, she found her passion in creating technology that is used to build trust and strengthen relationships.

Prior to coming to MIT, Taylor worked within data strategy at AllianceBernstein and most recently as CTO of Freeman Capital. Taylor currently holds a BS in Mathematics and BA in Economics from Howard University and enjoys baking, watching The Devil Wears Prada, and hanging out with her fellow Twilio Champions.