Build a Chatbot for your React App using Autopilot
Natural Language Processing (NLP) has transformed how we build conversational interfaces. More businesses are building chatbots that interact with their users in real time. In this workshop, using Autopilot, we will create a chatbot for a React application. We will walk through the steps of setting up Autopilot using the CLI and connect it to our React app using Programmable Chat. While this workshop will focus on React, you could use the learnings to add an Autopilot powered chatbot to a site built on the technology of your choice.
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Charles Oduk

Software Developer at Acumen Academy

Charles is a software developer at Acumen Academy based out of Nairobi, Kenya. He is part of the team that recently launched He is a Twilio Champion who loves writing for Twilio voices. He has a mechanical engineering background so when he isn't coding, he loves to fix least he tries to!