Build a Next Generation Experience with TaskRouter's Routing Engine
In this session, you will learn how to migrate the routing on your existing contact center to Twilio with frictionless transition. In contrast to other solutions, TaskRouter allows you to create and program your own business rules within Flex. Create a measurable difference by routing channels, activities, or even data collected from external systems.
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Victor Cuenca

Engineering Manager at Twilio

Victor is a technology leader with a passion for AI and building the next generation of contact centers. he is the Engineering Manager for TaskRouter at Twilio, responsible for the execution and growth of its service within Flex. Victor has dedicated his career to building teams and helping his people provide high quality customer experiences. With his leadership, TaskRouter is getting to the next level at Twilio.

Paul Persky

Senior Product designer at Twilio

Paul started his career by photographing fashion royalty Kate Moss and launching an interactive photography app. Moved to Beijing to work on design projects with clients such as Baidu, Peugeot, Volkswagen and Michelin. Upon returning to London, Paul joined a cybersecurity startup by the founders of Shazam and most recently has been working at Twilio designing a programmable application platform, to empower builders who shape the future of customer engagement.