Digital Transformation

October 17, 1:15pm PT, Data Room

Target's Guide To High-Performing Voice Infrastructure Teams

Traditional voice infrastructure teams follow vendor product roadmaps, features, and timelines. These teams create stable but closed systems that are expensive to run and customize. In contrast, high-performing voice infrastructure teams create API-ready, open, extensible solutions. They make a development plan and set goals while remaining customer- and developer-focused. Join this session to learn the keys to creating a high-performing voice team from the second-largest retailer in the U.S.

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Josh Hoium

Director of the Voice team

Josh is the Director of the Voice team at Target. He has been part of the Target Voice team for 10 years focused on creating robust services for voice and SMS communications channels. He is currently transforming his products from vendor lead solutions to customer and developer lead open services. Josh has over 20 years of traditional telecom experience and believes in the importance of democratization of multichannel communications creating open, developer ready solutions.

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