Twilio for Experts

October 17, 4:30pm PT, WALL-E Room

Rethinking Virtual Learning: How F5 Built an Immersive Technical Training Platform with Twilio Video

Engaging learning experiences no longer need to be siloed into a standalone tool. When virtual collaboration technologies are integrated into business platforms and aligned to business goals, better outcomes emerge. Learn how a team at F5 Networks used Twilio Video and Chat to build a tailor-made virtual classroom enabling F5 to disseminate technical expertise more effectively. Codi will also share tips, tricks, and design patterns to accelerate your adoption of Video and Chat APIs.

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Codi Fiman

F5 Networks
Software Engineer

Codi is a Software Engineer on the Unified Demonstration Framework team at F5 Networks, where she builds tools and automation frameworks to more effectively distribute technical content. She’s passionate about product design and ensuring that teams have the tools they need to solve their problems.

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