All Things Connected - The IoT Track

October 18, 2:00pm PT, WALL-E Room

Connect Every Thing

Low power wide area networking technologies such as Narrowband "NB-IoT" promise to change the landscape of our everyday lives. Soon, the cost and complexity to connect anything to the Internet will reduce dramatically. IoT developers (and future IoT developers) are staring down the barrel of an ecosystem opportunity that could dwarf historic megatrends like the PC, the Web and Mobile. Jump on this wave early. Come and learn about to build a killer IoT app using wide area low power technologies.

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Evan Cummack


Principal Product Manager

Evan Cummack is the product owner for Twilio's Programmable Wireless product line. He has been with Twilio since 2011, has developed multiple new products and consulted with many of Twilio's largest customers on global communications solutions.

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