Kedar Toraskar


TwilioProduct Manager

Kedar is a Product Manager at Twilio on the Programmable Video Team. After joining Twilio in 2013, he spent his time collaborating with hundreds of Twilio customers on their implementations. Kedar holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech University where he held a research position working on Next-gen Converged Applications. Kedar is passionate about user-centric application design and real-time media technologies.

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Twilio Products 101

October 17, 2:15pm PT, Bishop Room

What You Can Do With Programmable Video

No longer do you have to suffer using a third-party app to use Video in your organization. Now with Twilio Video you can embed up to 50 participants into a Video call, right from within your software. Learn what you can do with Twilio Video and how to do it with a live-coding demo.

Twilio for Experts

October 17, 3:15pm PT, WALL-E Room

What's Next for Twilio Video

We’ve come a long way since introducing Twilio Video at SIGNAL 2015. We’re going to recap the recent major ships and do a deep-dive of what’s coming next for Twilio Video to make your apps even more awesome.