Aaron Ogle


The OpenGov FoundationDirector of Product

Aaron has over 15 years experience building and managing high-quality software projects. He loves using technology to address big, important problems in ways that meet the needs of people and strengthen the fabric of our communities and institutions, all undergirded by the belief that our vocations can be used to build for a better world. Aaron is currently the Director of Product for the OpenGov Foundation, a nonprofit using technology to help reconcile constituents and their democratic representatives. He was formerly the Director of Civic Technology for the City of Philadelphia where he built and guided the team that is redesigning phila.gov to be simple, crisp, respectful, and delightful. Prior to joining the City, Aaron was CTO of OpenPlans, a non-profit that built open-source software for cities, primarily focused on urban planning and community engagement. He was also an inaugural fellow with Code for America.

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Twilio Products 101

October 17, 4:30pm PT, Bishop Room

The Future of Communicating with Congress

Government works best when it communicates authentically. But if you’ve called Congress, you likely had a dissatisfying experience. The OpenGov Foundation/Article One Technologies team are reinventing communications between people and government with serverless voice, SMS and machine learning. Article One enables elected officials to receive, understand, and respond fast, effectively and authentically. Want a more responsive and trustworthy Congress? Start with better communications.