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Jonas Boerjesson

Senior Software Architect | Twilio

Jonas is a Senior Architect at Twilio and is responsible for the overall architecture for Twilio’s IoT products. Over the last 10 years at Twilio, he has helped deliver the underlying technology for seemingly simple but exceedingly complex processes, like making a phone ring. In his spare time, Jonas builds protocol stacks and his passion for network protocols earned him the name “Mr. SIP” throughout the company. In his role today, he primarily deals with protocols, such as Diameter and GTP.

Jonas's Sessions

October 1
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The Secret World of GTP - How your Cellphone Connects to the Internet

The digital world has changed how we expect products to perform. Every time you pull out your phone to write an email, access Instagram, or make a call, you don’t have to manually “connect” to the internet; it just works. Likewise, the most important aspect of your IoT device is to reliably obtain and maintain a connection with your backend infrastructure. The stability of this connection is typically crucial to an IoT device and keeping the latency as low and consistent as possible, may be of paramount importance to your application. In this talk we will do a deep-dive into how your device obtains a connection, the abilities we have to control that connection, and the decisions surrounding it. This is not only of interest to IoT developers. The rules that apply to a cellular IoT device are the same for any cellular device, including the one in your pocket.

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