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Robert Acosta

Principal Engineer | Twilio

Robert lives to build! Having built APIs for the better part of his career, Robert loves to dive deep into the challenges that face organizations with distributed systems. Once a C# and Java enthusiast, Robert made the conversion to Go and now co-hosts the Orange County Gophers meetup where he helps the developer community build APIs faster and more reliably. In his role at Twilio, Robert designs and implements the services that power the engine that pushes over 4.2 billion emails to end users every day.

Robert's Sessions


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Making it "Just Work"

It's called Black Friday for a reason. For many retailers, this is the first day of the year where they go from red to black. And therefore this is arguably the most important day of the year for many of our customers. Twilio customers rely on marketing and transactional communications to reach their customer base without delay. This last Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, Twilio SendGrid sent over 16.5 billions emails and witnessed no noticeable delays. All this was accomplished without a single alert waking up an engineer. In this session, our experts will share how we prepare for this annual influx in traffic.

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