Minnie Ingersoll


Code for AmericaCOO

Minnie Ingersoll is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Code for America because she believes that everyone deserves access to basic human services like food, jobs and justice. She believes that government can build digital services that are simple, easy to use, and serve the people trying to use them. In her spare time she volunteers for the city of San Francisco, surfs baby waves, and raises baby people.

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Digital Transformation

October 17, 5:15pm PT, Data Room

Fixing Government Services with Communication

With modern communications we can reach people on any channel, anytime. But to serve people well, we can’t just speak. We need to listen. In this talk, learn how Code for America is leveraging NLP to redefine how organizations—governments or for-profit businesses—serve customers. With natural language processing, Code for America is building new understanding about people in the criminal justice system and reducing recidivism.. Trends in SMS conversations between case workers and parolees reveal people’s actual, not assumed needs.