Peter A.

MicrosoftSoftware Engineer II

Peter is a developer at Microsoft who is passionate about using technology for a good cause. Over the last 6 years, he has worked on and led projects leveraging cloud architecture, NLP, data analytics and web technologies, as well as being a security champion for several products. Peter has been a contributor to Project Intercept since 2016.

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AI and Authentic Comms

October 18, 4:30pm PT, Jarvis Room

AI, ChatBots, and Cloud Solutions to Stop Human Trafficking

Sex trafficking is initiated online every hour of every day in cities and communities worldwide. With AI and SMS, Seattle Against Slavery disrupts trafficking by proactively reaching victims and intercepting buyers. Learn how Seattle Against Slavery built an automated intervention system using chatbots, AI services, cloud computing and data streaming services to battle a stark problem. We’ll share technical architecture and insights from program data, impact, and opportunities for the future.