Twilio SIGNAL 2021 - virtual
Using "Voice of the Product" data from IoT to up-level your contact center
Brian Mgrdichian, Tobias Goebel

While the world gets more plugged in with smart lightbulbs, thermostats, and other physical products thanks to IoT, many of these data streams aren’t yet reaching the service and engagement center of organizations where that data can be tied back to improve your customer's experience.

But how do you decide which product data gets parsed, pruned, and pulled into your customer-facing organization? And how do you use that data for both real time troubleshooting and a historical analysis of customer and product “behavior” trends? In this session, we'll showcase:

  • The concept “Voice of the Product” as an augmentation to Voice of the Customer
  • How using Twilio Super SIM can get your physical products connected
  • How using Twilio Flex can aid in triaging those product events that need a human touch
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