Twilio Superclass Add-On

Pre-SIGNAL Learning Day — August 5

What’s Superclass?
Held the day before SIGNAL for an additional fee, Superclass is a full day of live, self-directed training for developers who want to level up their Twilio skills.
On-site mentors from Twilio product teams will guide you through a self-paced, choose-your-own-adventure coding experience that’s built on Twilio’s education platform: TwilioQuest.

What to expect at Superclass
We won’t spend the day talking at you with PowerPoints and lectures. While there will be some more formal presentations from Twilio experts, it’s definitely not a passive, sit-and-listen sort of experience!
At Superclass, you’ll:
  • Conquer code exercises
    Get hands-on experience with foundational APIs like Voice or SMS — or try new Twilio APIs for the first time.
  • Collaborative challenges
    Come together with other Superclass participants, or bring your own team, to work on fun collaborative challenges.
  • Learn from Twilio experts
    Hear from Twilio product experts on introductory and advanced topics around Twilio products.
  • Office Hours
    Meet with Twilio platform engineers and product managers to dig into your gnarliest Twilio questions or strategize for your next big thing.
Every new skill you pick up will earn you experience points and rad loot (both virtual and real world) in TwilioQuest and after SIGNAL, as you continue your Twilio journey.

Exclusive 1:1 time with Twilio experts
Only Superclass attendees can book office hours to work with Twilio engineers, solution architects, and product managers. Find answers to your gnarliest questions, get guidance on your technical problems, and push your Twilio-powered projects forward with the foremost Twilio experts.

Is Superclass for me?
Probably! All you need is a willingness to get your hands dirty and build something with Twilio.
Whether you build with your own code, Twilio Studio (our visual development environment), or a combination of the two, you’ll be in the right place.
Developers and technical folks of all skill levels are encouraged to attend. We’ll have challenges and content for:
  • Seasoned Twilio developers looking to master the platform
  • Developers just getting started with Twilio
  • Technical leaders and team members who want to learn Twilio basics and build without code
We are constantly amazed at how Twilio developers have changed the world with the software they create. Join us for Superclass, and discover your power to do the same.