Essential Twilio Training for Developers
Superclass at SIGNAL 2020
Superclass is here to help you get a handle on the ever-expanding Twilioverse. If your company uses Twilio, your development team can't afford to miss it.
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What is Superclass?
Once a year, engineers from every Twilio product team come together to teach, share tips, best practices, and answer your specific product questions.
Superclass isn’t your typical technical workshop day. You won’t show up, sit down, and sit through six hours of PowerPoint. You're the boss of your own learning agenda. Choose what you want to participate in, at the pace you prefer.
Whether you’ve been writing code for decades or you just started a bootcamp, you can come to Superclass to level up your development skills. You’ll learn how to get up and running at scale with guidance and support from experts.
What To Expect
For every hour your team spends learning at Superclass, you’ll get that time back tenfold in productivity. No matter what your skill level is, Superclass will help you get ramped up quickly.
Hands-on Workshops
Learn how Twilio is used in the wild as you build real-world Twilio use cases. After a solution architecture overview, you’ll get hands-on experience and build use cases like appointment reminders and Flex-powered call centers yourself.
Choose your own adventure and play TwilioQuest, our educational video game that introduces core professional coding concepts and Twilio API fundamentals.
Office Hours
Bring your own Twilio questions and get answers from our experts in 1:1 consulting sessions - we’ll get you the answer you need, guaranteed.
Q&A with Twilio Experts
Hear from Twilions and leading community members about their experiences building and supporting some of the biggest Twilio apps around. Pull them aside and ask your own questions as well.
Surprises from the TwilioQuest universe
Last year at SIGNAL, the evil Legacy Systems trapped Grammy award-winning artist Macklemore in The Cloud. Who knows what they’ll try next! You’ll have to come to Superclass to find out.
Join us for live Q&A from Bill Nye
Bill Nye smiling in front of a background of the earth.
Bill Nye
Author, Television Personality & CEO at The Planetary Society
This is your best chance to meet with the people that build Twilio products and get insider knowledge of how Twilio works.
Doors open for attendees
Kickoff presentation
TwilioQuest / Office Hours / Q&A
Breakout 1 | Full Stack Web Apps for Beginners
Breakout 2 | Asset Management with Twilio IoT
Breakout 3 | Building Twilio CLI Plugins
TwilioQuest / Office Hours / Q&A
Breakout 1 | Appointment Reminders with SMS & WhatsApp
Breakout 2 | Intelligent IVR with Autopilot
Breakout 3 | Getting Started with Flex
TwilioQuest / Office Hours / Q&A
Breakout 1 | User Account Security for Web Apps
Breakout 2 | Did You Know Twilio Could Do This?
Breakout 3 | Configuring Flex Channels
TwilioQuest / Office Hours / Q&A
Breakout 1 | Anonymous P2P Communications
Breakout 2 | Workflow Notifications over Email
Breakout 3 | Building Flex Custom Components
Billy Nye Experience & Closing
Start SIGNAL early with a full day of hands-on product training from Twilio engineers.
September 29th, 2020
Special Pricing
Early bird pricing through August 1st
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