Superclass at SIGNAL 2020
Bill Nye

Bill Nye needs your help!

Scientist, activist, and beloved TV personality Bill Nye has been captured by the evil Legacy Systems. We need your help to rescue him before time runs out! Play TwilioQuest and watch our live stream (schedule below) to earn XP and amass enough compute power to free Bill from the vile clutches of the Legacy Systems.

Compute Power Required

0 / 100,000 XP
Day1 Sept 30thDay2 Oct 1st
11:00am PT
Superclass Kickoff!

Join us for an overview of Superclass, a live demo and overview of the Twilio platform, and a look at everything in store for you over the next two days.

Mica Swyers, Kevin Whinnery, Cedric
11:30am PT
Intro to Email with Twilio SendGrid

Email is an essential part of most applications. Whether you need to send order confirmations, password resets, or policy updates, integrating email is a must. Twilio SendGrid’s APIs make it easy to programmatically deliver messages at scale.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to send an email with the Mail Send API, create a template with the Design and Code Editor, add dynamic data to a template with Handlebars, and properly configure Domain Authentication to ensure your messages reach the inbox.

Wade Christensen, Scott Kawai, Carly Vanderwert
12:15pm PT
Twilio Voice and Media Streams

This session will feature a live code walk-through of Twilio Media Streams and Twilio Voice API. We’ll highlight the breadth and depth of Twilio APIs and demonstrate how to extend your voice applications with Media Streams. You might even hear from our favorite robot sidekick, Cedric! Plus we’ll be answering YOUR questions live along the way.

Craig Dennis
1:00pm PT
Intro to Wix Answers

Learn how to build an omnichannel customer support center with Wix Answers and Twilio. This session is sponsored by Wix Answers.

Carl Lane
1:15pm PT
Twilio Autopilot: How to Build a Chatbot with Machine Learning

In this session we’ll be talking machine learning and bots that work across web and mobile chat, SMS, WhatsApp, and your contact center. Lizzie and Evangelos will teach you step-by-step to build your very own chatbot that can recognize speech and be trained to understand new conversational data with Twilio Autopilot.

Lizzie Siegle, Evangelos Resvanis
2:00pm PT
Unleash the Power of Twilio from Your Terminal

With the Twilio CLI you can interact with the whole Twilio API, as well as some extra features, without leaving your keyboard! In this session we will go through getting started with the CLI all the way to a number of advanced use cases. Starting from scratch we will live install and set up the Twilio CLI and use it to: interact with the API, debug applications, install and use plugins, and even create, test and deploy an entire application. Once you unleash the power of Twilio from your terminal, you'll never visit again.

Phil Nash
2:45pm PT
Day One Wrap-Up

Check in one more time with the TwilioQuest team before we rest up for a final push to save Bill Nye.

Mica Swyers, Kevin Whinnery, Cedric

How You Can Help

  • Download TwilioQuest and join the Virtual SIGNAL team using the code given to you by Mica and Kevin, your Superclass hosts.
  • Complete code challenges in TwilioQuest, and watch the live stream for chances to earn XP.
  • For more information and learning resources, check out the the Virtual SIGNAL Superclass README.

Mission Log