How Autodesk is using Segment CDP to help the construction industry protect their margins

Autodesk is a massive company with decades of history, 170+ products, and all the benefits (and challenges) of enterprise scale. They saw untapped opportunity in the mature, low-margin construction industry and brought a new, cloud-based management package to market. With this golden opportunity to transform an industry, their growth team also grabbed the chance to transform their tech stack. Today, on the foundation of Segment CDP, they’ve built an efficient, audience-first growth engine that puts dormant data to work engaging customers.

Join this session and find out how simple CDP fundamentals—like connecting data silos, tying into the data warehouse, and unifying customer profiles—unlocked a brand new profit center for Autodesk and let them add margin to an entire industry.

Adam Higgins - Autodesk
Justin Diaz - Autodesk