The future of customer data and multichannel marketing: Product innovations from Twilio Segment and Twilio Engage

Customer experiences are getting really good. The biggest companies in the world are using what they know about their customers to engage with them directly – one-to-one. In a world where social feeds, e-commerce home pages, and streaming playlists are completely personalized, using generic audiences feels inauthentic – and customers can tell.

In this session, four product experts from Segment will take you on a tour of how we’re evolving multichannel marketing with AI, adding more use cases to the customer data platform, and expanding the ecosystem. We’ll show off our very latest products – each one designed to help you build those adaptive, individual personalizations; including new multi-channel marketing tools, CustomerAI, and how Linked Profiles unlocks new B2B and B2C use cases.

Tim Parks - Twilio
Kevin Niparko - Twilio
Hanhan Wang - Twilio
Connie Liu - Twilio