Stepstone revolutionising job search with Conversational AI (Location: Porter Tun)

Join us in exploring the transformation of customer experiences in the job search landscape through Stepstone's collaboration with Twilio. Experience how conversational AI, powered by Large Language Models (LLMs), is reshaping the individual journey of job seekers, providing engagement, support, and personalisation. Stepstone exemplifies the potential of conversational AI to redefine the job search landscape and shares learnings from a human to human and human to LLM conversation. By harnessing Twilio's conversational APIs, Stepstone has successfully integrated AI to enhance the customer journey. This collaboration serves as an example of applying data insights and AI to revolutionise customer interactions. Discover how these insights can be applied to your own business, enabling you to fundamentally enhance your customer relationships. Join us to explore the forefront of conversational AI's transformative potential in job search, offering valuable lessons for businesses eager to optimise their customer engagement strategies.

Somnath Biswas - Stepstone