How two online D2C leaders use Twilio Segment: Foxtel’s move to 1:1 personalisation and ZALORA’s 400+ yearly analytics experiments for adaptive engagement (Breakout: Canning Room, Fairmont Ballroom)

Join us for an insightful panel discussion featuring industry leaders Foxtel and ZALORA, as they share their experiences of utilising Twilio Segment to enhance customer experiences and boost online sales.

With over 4 million subscribers, Foxtel leveraged Segment to gain a unified, complete view of their customers and improve their ad measurements for better customer engagement. Similarly, ZALORA, as Asia's top direct-to-consumer online retailer, utilised Segment to accelerate experimentation (increasing experimentation velocity by 10X) and achieve 100% customer tracking coverage to deepen 1:1 personalisation efforts for their highest value customers. You’ll also hear about ZALORA’s plans to predict potential VIP customers by leveraging CustomerAI Predictions for enhanced personalisation.

You’ll take away valuable guidance on transitioning to a first-party data strategy amidst the impending deprecation of cookies and ensuring data integrity while maximising opportunities for scalable growth.

Indah Mustikasari - Zalora
Matt Barden - Foxtel Group
Seth Familian - Twilio